The Darkness

The sun sets slowly on a vast and open plain. A lone soldier stands amidst the smoldering wreckage of what used to be his cart, looking down over a disemboweled body. A single tear rolls down his face and lands on the blood stained ground next to what is left of his companion’s face. He looks around only to find more corpses of his recently deceased guardsmen. The pools of darkness littered around seem to be dormant for the time being.

In the distance, he can see the slaughter continue.

The soldier bends over to close his companion’s eyelids, reforges his constitution whilst wiping his sleeve across his brow, and readies his weapon. Almost immediately, the pools of darkness spring to life. Swirling up from it’s center, a creature manifests itself, and begins dragging it’s leg-less body towards the soldier with it’s abnormally large forearms. Before the creature has a chance to react, the soldier leaps with great dexterity upon this monstrosity, and pierces it’s heart.

In his haste, the soldier failed to notice the dark aura moving ever closer to him. As it approaches, the soldier shouts out, “Halt foul dark thing! The reign of The Darkness is nigh!”

All falls quiet on the battlefield.

Laughter rings out in the soldier’s head.

Such arrogance

Wisps of darkness kick up all around, slowly enveloping the soldier. All goes dark as the cold earth embraces him as he collapses.

You have failed Arthawayne for the last time…

The Darkness (Redux)

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