Rowe Dryadson


Race: Human
Class: Rogue


Orphaned as a child, Rowe has had many names.

Street urchin, scum, bastard, thief, vagrant, and more. As it usually is, the richer and nobler the one offering him a name, the worse the name. The only caretaker who had shown him any sort of meaningful kindness offered to let him pick his own name. And so he became Rowe, after Rowan, his favorite character from a book “liberated” from…well…the name is from the book.

As he traveled from place to place and city to city as he grew up, Rowe became street smart and a survivalist. Not always in the common sense. Sometimes, surviving means mingling with nobility without being suspected in order to “liberate” items of value. Surviving can also mean blending in from place to place. Blending perfectly in one instance, and drawing attention when desired in another. The fate of an orphan that once seemed cursed, overtime revealed itself to Rowe to be one the most freeing. In stealth in or in the public’s eye, he could be ten different people in the course of a day as he traversed a city. But underneath it all, any place and no place were home, but he could always return home to the name he gave himself.

These days Rowe tends bar at Inn Amur, which he runs for an older gentleman, whom he has known since his days as a street urchin. What better way to pick up on local gossip and have people spill their secrets to you? He has his regulars that he likes and shares jokes with, offering them their drinks at discounted rates. But they don’t pay the bills. No, other sorts of patrons pass through the establishment as well, and a bar with its dimly lit back rooms are a good place to conduct his “other” business. A rogue’s business.

Rowe Dryadson

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