Kreshk, Knight of Clan Vlakatuul, Captain of the Royal Guard: The One Called Glaive of Bahamut

Dragonborn night without a clan, on a mission for revenge


Race: Dragonborne
Class: Fighter
Background: Vengeful Knight (Intimidation & Insight)


Kreshk was a knight of the clan Vlakatuul, one of the largest Dragonborn clans and the most certainly the nearest to non-draconic civilization. This was no coincidence. Vlakatuul’s trade with the nearby humans and gnomes was a key to its success and prosperity. Though many dragonborn generally distrust other races, Vlakatuul had decided to take a progressive stance and work together with the rest of the world.

Kreshk was the captain of the royal guard. One of the fiercest and most experienced soldiers in the force. He had great relationships with the royal family and loved his clan and people.

One day, Kreshk had to visit the gnomish emissaries for a bi-yearly renegotiation of trade. The gnomes generally supplied carts, crossbows and gadgets for the dragon clan’s gold and steel. After Kreshk returned he was shocked to find the entire town razed.

Dead clansmen were everywhere, nearly every building destroyed. All the member’s of the royal guard were slain in the throne room as was the Tzar of Vlakatuul, one of Kreshk’s oldest friends. A darkness loomed over the entire area and in certain places there was smoke without fire, like a dark shroud with an evil aura.

Kreshk fell to his knees and for hours he was motionless. His entire family, his clan, was wiped from the face of the earth. His one duty was to protect them and now he had no purpose in life. Had his clan trusted the outside world too much? Had the gnomes sent their golems to destroy the town while he was negotiating them? Had the humans sprung and ambush? Even the nearby elves or dwarves could have wanted their gold. He trusted no one and nothing. The sun went down and darkness fell upon the smoldering ruins.

Then suddenly, in one instant, he tightened his grip around the hilt of his glaive, stood up, and decided that he would dedicate himself to avenging his clan and eradicating whatever evil had done this. From the town, he could see the black shroud leading towards the forest, east. And he headed that way.

Kreshk, Knight of Clan Vlakatuul, Captain of the Royal Guard: The One Called Glaive of Bahamut

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